Frequently Asked Questions

What is MTConnect®?

MTConnect® is a standard that offers a semantic vocabulary for manufacturing equipment to provide structured data. For more information, please visit or the community site

What is the Model-Aware Validator?

The Model-Aware Validator is a tool capable of consuming MTConnect® Response Documents (ie. from PROBE, SAMPLE, CURRENT requests) then analyzing the deserialized documents for inconsistencies with the MTConnect® standard.

What does the Model-Aware Validator cover?

The Model-Aware Validator covers most (if not all) basic constraints for much of the MTConnect® Standard. For example, here is a small list of the types of things that are covered:

The Model-Aware Validator was the first application to employ the MTConnect® Transpiler to help maintain continuity with the Standard. Items like enumerations are automatically maintained with the standard.

NOTE: There may be some nodes that are not supported. Please let us know if we missed a constraint.

What is the Comprehensive Report?

If you want to review your validation results in detail, then the Comprehensive Report (available with Pro Access) is what you're looking for.

The Comprehensive Report provides you with a list of all Errors, Warnings, and Message level feedback from the analysis. Errors provide context into what validation rule was broken as well as a link to highlight which node in the XML was invalid.

How can I use the API?

Access Tokens for the API are available only to Enterprise accounts. You can review your Access Tokens from your Profile page.

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